Fixing Maven JSPC Issues with Java 7 on OSX  »   w/ Jenkins
18 Apr 2013

Running on the latest technology platform has it's risks and rewards, but Java 7 on OSX 10.8.3 has been out for a while now and I would expect the Maven JSPC Plugin 1.4.6 to work correctly as well. I present a simple method for patching the system as well as correcting the code and giving back to open source development.

Learnings from the CIA's Corporate Sabotage Cheatsheet  »   
09 Apr 2013

Using a recently declassified Sabotage Manual from the CIA, we can begin to understand corporate problems not by thinking about best practices, but instead thinking about destructive processes

Java 7 Portable for OSX  »   (even snow leopard)
08 Apr 2013

Being frustrated with the limitations of the native oracle java installer, I wanted to pull out the JDK and JRE to its own folder, creating a portable java runtime and developer kit

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